Food & Wine

Good food is extremely important to the people of the region, as it arguably is across the whole of France. Work stops religiously each day for a couple of hours at lunchtime as friends and family dine together. Eating is an extremely social affair here and meals can often take in several courses and last for hours as bits of news and gossip are exchanged around the table.

The Catalan food of the region is based on simple dishes made from fresh local ingredients and whilst delicious and heartwarming they are not traditionally very inspired or refined. However in recent years Catalan food has undergone a gastronomic transformation and some of worlds most renowned restaurants can be found in Spanish Catalonia along the Costa Brava (less than 30 minutes from here). This culinary transformation has been quick to spread through out the region and lovers of fine food and wines will not be disappointed.

The Languedoc-Roussillon is currently one of the world’s most interesting wine making regions and its huge range of wines are widely acknowledged by critics and experts alike as worthy of attention, awards and accolades. A trip to the area would not be complete without a "degustation" at at least one of the stunning local vineyards.

Santé et Bon Appétit!

Here are just a few of the many excellent local restaurants and vineyards that our guests have enjoyed.


La Bartavelle  
Le Saint Jean

L'Atelier de Fred

La Jardin de Collioure 

Mas Chabry  

La Table d’Aime  

La Table de Valmy  

Le Chateau de Riell 

Chateau de Jau 

La Guinguette du Lac 

La Cote Vermeille 

La Tramontane 

The Flowers 



Trull D’En Francesc 


El Pa Volador  

Amiel & Molins  

Nou Fusion  

Els Fogons de Canadal 


Bijoux Vineyard Suggestions:

Domaine Treloar 

Moulin de Breuil  

Chateau Planeres  

Clos Saint Georges  

Domaine Gayda 

Domaine Bertrand-Berge 

Artisanal Beers:
La Brasserie De L'Ours
Handcrafted beers for lovers of fine, real ale